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We have reviewed Europe's fairytale winter destinations so you can experience winter in snow-covered, postcard-like places.

Rovaniemi, Finland
Sleigh rides, centuries-old forests and of course, if you are lucky, the northern lights, Rovaniemi will remain in your memory as one of the most romantic and enchanting winter travels. Rovaniemi, the home of Santa Claus (also known as the official city of Santa Claus), is located in the Lapland region of Finland. The city, where you can experience the Arctic region with its long nights in winter, life and climate, will offer fairytale-like views throughout your trip.
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Dresden, Germany
Dresden is an ideal choice for those who want to try different routes on their European travels and enjoy nature, history, art and delicious food. Known as the Florence of Germany, the city takes on a fairytale atmosphere especially in winter with its frequent snowfalls.
The Christmas Market, which dates back to 1434, is one of the most important reasons to visit Dresden in December. Kempinski Hotel Taschenbergpalais and Bülow Palais, located right next to Dresden Castle, are the first alternatives for accommodation. The State Art Collection, the Royal Palace, the historic Green Cellar and the Baroque Quarter are some of the must-see attractions in the city.
Dresden is a city where you can taste dishes from different countries in addition to German cuisine with the influence of its close neighbors such as Poland and the Czech Republic. Be sure to try the potato soup with sausage or the cheesecake known as Eierschecke. The city has many Michelin starred restaurants such as Carousel, Elements and Bean & Beluga. Pulverturm and La Viletta are other popular restaurants in the city.
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Tallin, Estonia
Tallinn is the largest city and capital of Estonia. Tallinn, which is peaceful and very popular among the Baltic countries due to its natural beauty created by the meeting of blue and green, was chosen as the European Capital of Culture in 2011. Tallinn Old Town district offers medieval inspiration with its central location and historical buildings. Hotel Telegraaf, Schlössle Hotel and St Petersbourg are the top choices with their 5-star comfort and restaurants.
F-hoone appeals to both vegetarians and meat eaters, while Lido is famous for its local desserts. You can taste the city's best pancakes at Kompressor and dine in a medieval atmosphere at Draakon. Oleviste Church, believed to have been built in the 12th century, is one of Tallinn's most famous monuments. The church, which is recorded as the largest building in the world, attracts attention with its view of the entire city of Tallinn.
Alexander Nevsky Cathedral is the largest Orthodox church in Tallinn and bears the traces of Russian architecture. Other must-see sights of the city include Toompea Hill, Kiek in de Kök Tower and Bastion Gates, KGB Museum, Estonian Open Air Museum, Fat Margaret Tower and Lake Ülemiste.
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Hallstatt, Austria
You must have seen photos of the dream town Hallstatt. Hallstatt is a wonderful town on the shores of Lake Hallstätter in Austria with a quiet lake and magnificent mountain views. The majestic mountains and the ice blue Hallstatt Lake are simply mesmerizing.
If you can tear yourself away from the view, you can rent an electric boat and take a tour of the lake, and then spend time in the cafes, restaurants and souvenir shops in Market Square, the heart of the town. Our advice is to sit in one of the cafes in the square, facing the colorful houses and enjoy the moment. Because this is one of the most beautiful towns in the world.
Since the town is located by a lake, the recommended meals are usually fish-based. Gasthof Simony, a restaurant by Lake Hallstatt, is very romantic and pleasant. Try the coffee, service and desserts at Cafe Derbl. As in most parts of Austria, Hallstatt also has small, charming family businesses offering quality accommodation. Loft am See, W&S Executive Apartments and Ferienhaus Salzberg are some of them.
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Bergen, Norway
Bergen is Norway's second largest city after the capital Oslo and one of the most important tourism centers of the country. Bergen, which means "Plain Built on Seven Hills" in Norwegian, has experienced four fires throughout history, which is why wooden houses were banned in the city.
Bergen, which has been an important port throughout history, invites its visitors to a historical journey with its narrow streets decorated with flowers. In addition, Norway's famous fjords on the shores of Bergen are important with their place on the UNESCO World Heritage List. There are many options for accommodation in Bergen, especially Clarion Hotel Admiral, Scandic Bergen City and Thon Hotel. You can taste seafood, which is indispensable for Norwegian cuisine, and flavors such as brown cheese with milk in popular places such as Godt Brod, Rembrandt Laan Zee, Baker Burn and Lie Nielsen. The houses along Bryggen harbor, the most lively and important part of the city for centuries, are the oldest known houses in Norway and are a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
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Bled, Slovenia
Lake Bled is located about 55-60 kilometers from the center of Ljubljana, close to the Austrian border and is Slovenia's most popular tourist destination. The view of the wooden houses in the forest reflected in the lake is wonderful.
The island in the middle of the lake was once the summer residence of the emperors and Marshal Tito. The bird's eye view of the lake from Bled Castle is magnificent. St. Mary Assumption Church on the island in the middle of the lake is a popular destination for honeymooners.
Grand Hotel Toplice and Vila Mila are the first names that stand out for accommodation in Bled. Very nice restaurants overlooking Lake Bled and Bled Island and facing the castle offer delicious flavors. The contrast of the snowy mountains, the small island and the church, the blue clouds, the lush green trees on the lake is magnificent. Spazja, Restaurant 1906 and Gostilna Na Gradu are must-try restaurants.
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