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Dear Readers,
For you to enjoy a pleasant and peaceful vacation, we searched, travelled and visited the hotels personally. You will find a list of favorite hotels in the most beautiful spots of our beautiful world. .
This unparalleled guide introduces the unique, authentic and original Small Hotels of the World together with www.thesmallhotels.com, which has been active for 3 years.
Turquoise blue seas, shores out of a painter’s palette, magnificent mountains, original streets, lush green gardens, historic buildings standing for centuries, picturesque stone houses, spoiling luxury hotels, in the heart of nature, comfortable suites and heartwarming hosts striving to make you feel at home...
‘The Small Hotels Book’ will not only tell you about the small boutique hotels in this picturesque world, but also make you virtually live the experience. We tried to bring you the most special, cozy, intimate, original and pleasing locations in our extraordinary world, and create the holiday you have been missing. As you go through the pages of this guide, feel free to trace diverse voyages.
For 3 years we have been setting off, travelling, seeing, smelling, hearing and experiencing everything to present the visited places to the best of our ability and to take the first step for your taste. The only thing you have to do is choose from and enjoy the facilities differing by climates, traditions, tourism undestanding and holiday alternatives to match your personality, expectations and vacation companions. Standing by your side during your adventures is our pleasure. All your suggestions, opinions, and complaints guide us in our purpose of excelling.
‘The Small Hotels Book’ introduces 254 facilities. A region index is provided for your convenience to easily access the hotels. The addresses, phone numbers, number of rooms, open seasons, contact persons, and hotel features and services at the bottom are provided for your information. We have gathered all the facts you may need.
As you know, we hold some objective and subjective criteria to consider when selecting the hotels. We choose not to share and facility that we would not prefer for ourselves. In our opinions, small hotels must be operated by the owner who is within reach at all times, must have a homely feel in the dining and conversation experience, have a diverse feature, host you as if you were at a friend’s house, comply with hygiene rules, must be attracting and interesting, with a warm atmosphere, have a say in the design and style with hallmark characteristics. They should be places where you will leave your heart and soul.
We and our guide will accompany you in these must-see and must-stay places. All our best wishes for everything else... Now it’s time to hit the road.
Editor – İzim Bozada

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